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    The BitLoom Blog

    Pillows 101

    Pillows 101

    Ever wonder how to style your bed to look as inviting and alluring as those you see in magazines?  Pillows pull the whole look together.  How you display them is totally up to you, and often, personality comes into play.

    Minimalists prefer to keep pillows simple and stacked vertically.  Traditionalists like me prefer pillow arrangements to be linear and orderly, leaning the rows against the headboard.  Romantics and maximalists like a bed full of pillows of all shapes and sizes. 

    Here are the basics of pillow placements by bed size.  You may add or subtract according to your preference.

    Euroshams, which cover Europillows, are traditional backrow foundation pillows, and are great for leaning against when you’re reading in bed.  They measure 26" square.

    King pillows measure 20″ x 36.” These extra-long pillows fit inside king pillowcases, and work best in pairs across king beds.

    Standard size pillows (AKA your common bed pillow) measure 20″ x 26.” A twin bed fits one standard, a full or queen fits two across, and a king fits three.

    Accent, or decorative pillows, come in many shapes and sizes ranging from square (10", 16", 18") or rectangular (14"x18").  They can also be circular or odd shaped and are the perfect finishing touch on the bed.

    What pattern(s) to choose to cover your pillows?  I'm a big fan of layering designs and using several coordinating patterns.  Mix a solid Euro with a patterned sham and an eye-catching accent pillow for a pulled together look.

    Our bedding collections all offer Euro shams, king and standard shams, and a variety of accent pillows.  Unless noted otherwise, shams are sold unfilled (we find our customers have their favorite pillows to choose from!).  Accent pillows may be filled or unfilled, so please read our product descriptions carefully.

    How do you like your pillows?

    Happy decorating!



    Your Home for the Holidays!

    Your Home for the Holidays!

    It's the holiday season!  There's nothing better than the twinkle of Christmas lights, the smell of holiday baking and the sights & sounds of the season!  If you're like me, you love coming home to a decorated house, and with each passing year, I find that the old adage "simple is better" really is true.  From simple garland of greenery on the fireplace, to festive seasonal throw pillows on the couch to holiday linens adorning the table at every meal, these little touches easily bring the holiday spirit into your home.

    Extend the warmth into the bedroom with our Kent Quilted Bedding Collection.  Crimson chambray serves as a festive background upon which 8-point stars pop.  Add evergreen garlands to the room to bring even more cheer. 

    Kent is available for immediate shipping, and for a limited time, take 10% off your order using coupon code Merry2016.

    Enjoy the holiday season!


    New for December at The BitLoom Co.

    New for December at The BitLoom Co.

    December...the ever-busy (but wonderful!) holiday season is upon us.  Our homes become cozier with holiday decor and lighting, and we want to extend this to our bedrooms as well.  I think you'll love our new quilt collections.  They are an extension of what's so important for us during the holiday season and throughout the year too...a feeling of warmth and tradition and timelessness. 
    Shop our New for December collections here.
    Wishing you and yours a wonderfully joyous December spent with those you love!

    New for November at The BitLoom Co.

    New for November at The BitLoom Co.


    Here in Connecticut, there's a chill in the air. Days are shorter, nights are cool. The holidays are right around the corner. We are excited to introduce several new quilt patterns, each with a modern rustic feel.  We've selected these styles for their unique patterns and colors, perfect for your fall and winter bed.  I personally love the traditional feel of a classic red plaid, especially at this time of the year.

    See our newest collections here.


    Thanks for stopping by The BitLoom!





    Wanderlust:  a strong desire to travel.


    Travel is one of our family indulgences.  Now that our girls are growing older, we've been fortunate enough to start traveling again.

    Personally, I am not one to rave about products, but my Wanderlust Tote in Ambrose has accompanied me on 2 week-long trips, and is sure to come along for many more!

    The Wanderlust is a great size.  I was able to pack the following inside (with plenty of room for more!):

    • several books and magazines
    • iPad Air
    • my large toiletry bag
    • my crossbody bag,
    • earbuds and charging cables
    • boarding passes and passports
    • gum, mints, and kid snacks
    • iPhone
    • Kindle 

    The bag is very easily carried on my shoulder and the 12" shoulder drop is ideal and comfortable for me (average height).  The Wanderlust is within TSA size regulations, and stows perfectly under the airline seat in front of me. 

    The Wanderlust is constructed of a super-durable canvas and all the canvas straps are sturdy and well-reinforced.  I feel as if the bag will hold up nicely, and I didn't hesitate to load up the bag with travel essentials...the bag may have been heavy, but it also felt rugged.

    The feature I love the most about the Wanderlust is the back strap--a 15" wide strap of identical fabric along the backside of the bag that easily loops over the extended handle of my wheeled carry on suitcase.  How incredibly convenient when wheeling my carry on through the parking lot to the terminals and gates at the airport.  The fit is secure and I never felt as if the bag would slip off.  I've struggled with bags in past travels that didn't quite fit nicely on my carry on handle, or those that would slip off, or even those that could easily be taken or swiped.  Never again will I have to worry about that!

    If looking for a reliable, stylish, roomy travel bag, our Wanderlust Tote is a great option.  Currently available in 16 patterns, the Wanderlust is offered at $59.95, a great price for such a functional bag.  Now through the end of March, take 10% off the Wanderlust Tote using coupon code travel10. 

    Wanderlust Tote Front at The BitLoom Co.

     Wanderlust Tote Back at The BitLoom Co.

    Enjoy planning your next trip!