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    The BitLoom Blog

    What Does Your Bedding Say About You?

    What Does Your Bedding Say About You?

    Here are some fun facts about what your bedding style says about you.  Any truth?

    FLORAL BEDDING:  You're girly to the core and proud of it. Were you a cheerleader in high school? Probably. Nowadays you wear as much pink as possible, always have a lipstick on hand, and your drink of choice is a Cosmopolitan.


    BLACK BEDDING:  Sure, you're super practical, but more importantly you just really like to eat in bed. The muted color of your bedspread means you don't have to worry about spills (but maybe ants). Plus black is super chic without even trying.


    PAISLEY BEDDING:  Every free spirit needs a equally wild bedding to come home to after a day of exploring. When not in bed, you're likely at yoga, traveling the world, or doing whatever the wind blew your way that day!


    WHITE BEDDING:  You're a workaholic and your mind is constantly spinning as you try to get some shut eye. Even though you always have your phone with you in bed (you're not dead, just sleeping) you want the rest of the room to be as simple and relaxing as possible — the less stimuli, the better.


    PLAID BEDDING:  You're in a loving, committed relationship. How'd we guess? Plaid always seems to be a compromise between the sexes as a classic option that makes both people happy. But, for your sake, we hope you at least get to have some colorful throw pillows.


    BRIGHT BEDDING:  You exude positive energy and are the definition of an extrovert. Everyone knows who you are and your social calendar is almost always full. The only downside: Your outgoing ways and life-of-the-party personality means you're often too busy to sleep.


    QUILTED BEDDING:  You value tradition, are a huge history buff, and hope to pass on many relics to your grandchildren some day. Since quilts remind your of your grandparent's house, there's no kind of bed spread you'd rather snuggle up in at night.


    Need design help?  We have boho and eclectic quilt designs, globally inspired prints, trendy plaids, patchworks, coastal and nautical designs, and vintage florals as well as  country and primitive quilts.  You’ll find something you love at The BitLoom Co.--and it will be sure to match your personality!


    Seeing Stars? Why are Stars Found on Quilts?

    Seeing Stars?  Why are Stars Found on Quilts?

    Our customers love star quilts.  They are a traditional, timeless design, and can be modernized with different fabrics and designs.

    Why Star Quilts?  There are several theories as to why stars are part of quilts.  As cotton fabric became more available commercially in the first half of the 19th century women were freed to experiment with a wonderful variety of colors and prints in their quilt making.  The first name for this quilt is the "Mathematical Star," and describes quilts in England and along the Eastern U.S. seaboard (AKA Star of Bethlehem, Morning Star and Lone Star and Star of the East).  Each name is a reflection of the people and regions where the quilt was originally made.

    For Native Americans, stars symbolize life, spirituality, and community.  The planet Venus was their guiding star. It represented the direction from which spirits travel to Earth, symbolizing immortality.  Star quilts are a symbolic way to honor and protect that person on their journey through life.  They may be given to honor a special friend or family member, to a newly married couple, or to parents in celebration of a child’s birth.

    Designs include one large lone star that covers most of the top of a quilt and range to quilts that include 4, 5, 6 and 8 points.  It's been said "Stars are not simple but they are fun!"

    We are in love with our custom design, simply known as "Star Patch."  Star Patch has simple country charm with six coordinating rustic red, tan, and black plaid or checked fabrics in a traditional star and nine-patch motif.  See our Star Patch here...we hope you'll love it as much as we do!

    Welcome to The BitLoom Co.!

    Welcome to The BitLoom Co.!


    Combining our love of the old with the new, we created The BitLoom Co. to showcase our expanding collection of quilted bedding & soft goods in a convenient online store.  We’ve added new boho & eclectic quilt designs, globally inspired prints, trendy plaids,  patchworks, coastal & nautical designs, and vintage florals to our already successful line of country and primitive quilts.  You’ll find something you love at The BitLoom Co.

    Follow us to see our expanding palette of colors & patterns, decorating ideas, & exclusive quilted bedding designs.