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    The BitLoom Blog

    New for November at The BitLoom Co.

    New for November at The BitLoom Co.


    Here in Connecticut, there's a chill in the air. Days are shorter, nights are cool. The holidays are right around the corner. We are excited to introduce several new quilt patterns, each with a modern rustic feel.  We've selected these styles for their unique patterns and colors, perfect for your fall and winter bed.  I personally love the traditional feel of a classic red plaid, especially at this time of the year.

    See our newest collections here.


    Thanks for stopping by The BitLoom!





    Wanderlust:  a strong desire to travel.


    Travel is one of our family indulgences.  Now that our girls are growing older, we've been fortunate enough to start traveling again.

    Personally, I am not one to rave about products, but my Wanderlust Tote in Ambrose has accompanied me on 2 week-long trips, and is sure to come along for many more!

    The Wanderlust is a great size.  I was able to pack the following inside (with plenty of room for more!):

    • several books and magazines
    • iPad Air
    • my large toiletry bag
    • my crossbody bag,
    • earbuds and charging cables
    • boarding passes and passports
    • gum, mints, and kid snacks
    • iPhone
    • Kindle 

    The bag is very easily carried on my shoulder and the 12" shoulder drop is ideal and comfortable for me (average height).  The Wanderlust is within TSA size regulations, and stows perfectly under the airline seat in front of me. 

    The Wanderlust is constructed of a super-durable canvas and all the canvas straps are sturdy and well-reinforced.  I feel as if the bag will hold up nicely, and I didn't hesitate to load up the bag with travel essentials...the bag may have been heavy, but it also felt rugged.

    The feature I love the most about the Wanderlust is the back strap--a 15" wide strap of identical fabric along the backside of the bag that easily loops over the extended handle of my wheeled carry on suitcase.  How incredibly convenient when wheeling my carry on through the parking lot to the terminals and gates at the airport.  The fit is secure and I never felt as if the bag would slip off.  I've struggled with bags in past travels that didn't quite fit nicely on my carry on handle, or those that would slip off, or even those that could easily be taken or swiped.  Never again will I have to worry about that!

    If looking for a reliable, stylish, roomy travel bag, our Wanderlust Tote is a great option.  Currently available in 16 patterns, the Wanderlust is offered at $59.95, a great price for such a functional bag.  Now through the end of March, take 10% off the Wanderlust Tote using coupon code travel10. 

    Wanderlust Tote Front at The BitLoom Co.

     Wanderlust Tote Back at The BitLoom Co.

    Enjoy planning your next trip!


    Save 15% on The BitLoom's Back to School Favorites

    Save 15% on The BitLoom's Back to School Favorites

    It's the beginning of August.  Summer is in full-swing, days are long and jam-packed with fun, bedtimes are late!  But...as evident in the many catalogs we're receiving on a daily basis, back-to-school is right around the corner.  Having 14 and 13 year old girls around the house, I've learned a few things over the years: 

    1.  fashion and style come first (!) and my girls love unique items that aren't readily found
    2.  quality is important (so that we're not repurchasing back to school items during the school year)
    3.  it is possible to have all of the above and not spend a fortune!


    And now...here are several items that have made our 2016 back to school favorites list!


    Dorm Bedding:

    Dorm bedding should be unique and represent the personality and character of the student.  A bright pattern will serve as the focal point of a room...so bold is better!  Our Emma Collection is a bright, bold, shabby chic masterpiece where Boho inspired dancing florals, paisleys, and medallions are found in a fun and eclectic mix of pink, purple and green vertical strips. 



    Backpacks should be the 3 S's:  sturdy, spacious, and stylish!  Our Rucksack is a perfect combo of functionality and fashion-forward style for your active agenda!  Pack gym clothes, books, laptop (can fit a 12” Microsoft Surface Book) or snacks in a comfortable bag that exceeds demands for fashion’s hottest trend!


    ID holders:

    The perfect compliment to any of our bags, or just to slip into another bag or carry by itself, our ID Please makes ID's easily visible and an easy way to hold a few cards and stash some coins.


    A Good Crossbody Bag:

    My girls love carrying their own purse, and I love not having to carry their things!  Our Mini Saddle Crossbody is a perfectly sized petite purse with enough room to house cellphones of all sizes, keys, lipstick, cash/cards, sunglasses, a wallet, a few small personal items.


    ID Lanyards:

    Perfect for teachers, bus drivers, and students, the Lanyard allows you to easily display 1 or more ID cards in the double-sided removable card holder.

    Shop our Back to School Favorites Collection for quick delivery so that you can enjoy your remaining summer!  And as a gift to you, take 15% off any one item now through August 31st with coupon code BTS15.

    Enjoy August and the rest of the summer!




    Curb Your Spending in Style!

    Curb Your Spending in Style!

    "You've got to tell your money what to do or it will leave." -- Dave Ramsey

    Building a solid financial future means controlling spending so you can build wealth.  One popular method of controlling spending is a cash envelope system. 

    In this system each paycheck is budgeted and divided into categories of spending (food, gas, clothing, entertainment, etc.).  You cash your paycheck, and fill each envelope with it's budgeted amount in actual cash. For example, if you allow $100 for clothing, put $100 in cash in your clothing envelope for the month.  Once all the money is spent from one envelope, you're done spending for that category and you must avoid temptation to pull from another envelope, visit the ATM, or use a credit card.  There's something psychological about spending cash that hurts more than swiping a piece of plastic. Your budget and money become tangible and wasteful spending is eliminated. 

    Our Cash System Wallets are only $39.95 and are a perfect accessory to start your budget system.  



    With all of these features and more, you'll be off to a stylish start!


    Ladies Night Out!

    Ladies Night Out!

    Did you know that "ladies nights" date back 2 centuries?  (Yes, we're talking about quilting!).

    When making a quilt, the top usually was pieced by one person, but the quilting often was done by a group of friends as quilting bees started to become popular around 1800. These parties were an important social activity: all of the stages of a woman’s life--girlhood, marriage, child raising, and death were shared with the women of her community over the quilting frame. Quilting bees were also an excuse to get together, gossip, and socialize (while having something to show for the time spent!). Women would share family news, exchange recipes, give child-rearing tips and all in all support each other. It has been said that next to church going quilting bees were the primary contact for women, when families lived far away from each other, the quilting bee days were a reprieve from isolation. Entire families would travel far to participate in these social events, and the women would sew while the men and children played.These sessions, often spanning the length of an entire day, ended with a supper of roast chicken or turkey. The men usually arrived in time for the feast, after which there followed singing and dancing.